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We only use High quality materials for our slate and tiled roofs, below you will find Information on our roofing

services and be able to get an idea of how we install them. Call today for your Free No Obligation Quote on 0800 690 6106.

  • We are now offering a 15 year workmanship guarantee on all of our tiled roofing work.




Additinal insurance backed guarantee available through Home Pro Insurance.


  •  Clay is a natural, durable and a beautiful roofing material.


  • We use Marley Eternit clay tiles which are manufactured from the highest quality etruriamarl, generally accepted as the finest clay for strength and durability.



View our SLATE & TILE range!

  •  Slate roofing tiles are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, as well as a wide range of colors. Some of these colours are gray, green, purple, black, red, and mottled tiles.



  • ​ Modern concrete roof tiles are made from cement, graded sands and pigments and formed into a number of distinctive tile designs.


  • Suitable for modern and traditional concrete roof designs. 



This is a standard breakdown of an installation, we will send you a personalised more detailed version with every FREE NO Obilgation Quote! - what are you waiting for - 


  •  Keeps costs down wheen your on a budget.


  • Still get the quality of a new roof with our heavy duty membrane being installed. 


  • Durability of a new roof but with your existing tile appearence


  • Erect a free standing traditional scaffolding. (Some choose to pud lock there scaffolding, bracing off the brick work which would mean knocking holes into the walls- which we see as unnecessary.)


  • Strip roof of all tiles, laths, felts and lead work.


  • Check over the roof joists to make sure there are no damaged or rotting timbers.


  • Insure that all nails are removed from joists to prevent tearing of the membrane.


  • Install a  heavy duty, high tear resistant, waterproof BBA approved breathable membrane.


  • Install premium tantalised lath fixed by the thicker 2.2mm galvanised nails, this will insure extra support to roof.


  • Lay the tile/slate of your choosing.


  • Fit ridges and hips with 3-1 mortar mix


  • Install ridges and hips with dry fix maintenance system.


  • Install new code 4 lead where required.


  • All works to be clean off and site to be left clean and tidy.


  • Customer inspection upon completion.

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